German restaurant called the Ukrainians "pigs" in a disgraceful ad with Zelensky: the reaction was not long in coming

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Gasthaus Krombach has been caught in a scandal because of disgusting advertising

The German restaurant Gasthaus Krombach, located in Berlin, got into a scandal because of the disgusting anti-Ukrainian advertising. The establishment's marketers decided to encourage guests by calling the president of Ukraine and Ukrainians "pigs," who allegedly need to stop helping financially.

Obviously, such advertising is designed for Russians in Berlin and pro-war Germans. The video was shared on TikTok, where it quickly gained publicity, although it was later deleted. However, Ukrainians managed to see the ads and leave their feedback (to see photos and videos, scroll to the end of the page).

The Gasthaus Krombach restaurant wrote in the ad, which ran, among other things, on the YouTube platform, "Tired of feeding these pigs. It's time to cook a knuckle." In the video the face of the Ukrainian president was placed on a pig-shaped piggy bank.


It is not clear how the financial and military assistance of Germany affected the popularity of the institution. However, in the comments of Gasthaus Krombach in Google you can see the Ukrainians, where they complain about the biased and Nazi attitude of the staff to the visitors.

The reaction to the shameful advertisement was not long in coming. Overnight, thousands of Ukrainians left their evaluations of the institution.

"You should think with your brains when you make disgusting ads. It seems you have no brains", "I hope you close soon", "Thank you for the advertisement with the Ukrainian president. To fall so low is only your level", "They think the war is funny", "You are a restaurant, not a political scientist", "Get what you deserve", "I wish the same fate as hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians", "What a shame", - said in the comments.


Earlier OBOZREVATEL wrote that journalist Ramina Eshakzai showed a video in which an inadequate Russian woman in Calpe (a municipality in Spain) tries to disrupt an anti-war rally of Ukrainians.

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