Four dangerous Android apps that need to be uninstalled immediately

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Apps can steal user data

Sometimes programs appear in the app store for Android smartphones that underneath useful features hide real dangers. And experts have discovered a new batch of such malware.

According to the Hindustan Times, these are four applications that can steal personal data. All of them appeared in the official Google Play Store and were identified. However, at least a million people managed to download and install them.

It is known that all four apps were created by Mobile Apps Group developer. They are infected with the Android/Trojan.HiddenAds.BTGTHB virus and can lead users to malicious phishing sites and steal personal data.

Experts recommend checking smartphones for these apps and removing them immediately:

  • Bluetooth Auto Connect
  • Bluetooth App Sender
  • Driver: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, USB
  • Mobile transfer: smart switch

According to Malwarebytes, these programs do not show any unusual or harmful behavior for the first 72 hours after installation. But then they start opening phishing sites in Google Chrome, even when the smartphone is locked. So the user, after unlocking their gadget, sees a downloaded tab with malicious content. Subsequently, new tabs with other pages start to open automatically. Their actions range from generating revenue through pay-per-click to stealing users' confidential information.

As reported by OBOZREVATEL, earlier New Zealand cybersecurity experts warned how to protect yourself from the banking virus Flubot.

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