Former Russian national footballer who moved to Brazil tells how Russia is "a great country to live in"

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The attacker received a wave of hate in response

Former Russian national footballer Ari, who once played for Spartak Moscow and Lokomotiv Moscow, believes it is a normal practice to obtain a passport of the country where you work. The Brazilian-born player received his eagle document in 2018.

Ari, who left for Brazil in early February 2022 and plays for the local club Atlético Cearense, spoke enthusiastically about the standard of living in Russia.

"We know that there are many positive things in Russia. You can play for the local team, you get the opportunity to live in the country without a visa. Russia is a great country to live in!" - the 37-year-old striker said in an interview with Match TV.


These words provoked a strong reaction from Russian fans. Fans joke that, given the level of propaganda he broadcasts, Ari must be the child of Skabeyeva and Solovyov.


Fans also joke that Ari communicates with slogans from Nasha Rasha.


Many users cannot contain their emotions after reading this, wondering why the footballer left to live and work in Brazil.

"Why do you have to broadcast this imbecile every day?", "Almost a million Russians could not stand the greatness of their homeland last year and left in search of a more modest life abroad," sports fans write.


Fans are sure that with such rhetoric, Ari is on his way to the State Duma.


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