For the first time in history! The UFC fighter won the fight by brutal knockout and became the new champion, setting a unique achievement. Video.

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Adesanya Pereira
The match ended in the 2nd round

Israel Adesanya (24-2), a New Zealand fighter of Nigerian descent, defeated Alex Pereira (7-2) of Brazil to win the middleweight title at the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). The rematch at UFC 287 in Miami, Florida, ended in an early knockout.

After a rather sluggish first round, the second five minutes of the fight was a real super show.


In the second round, the New Zealander repeatedly landed side kicks to his opponent's head. In response, the Brazilian athlete tried to counterattack, pinning the 33-year-old Adesanya against the net with a series of punches to the body and head.


The fighter from Oakland tried to hide behind a block, but was suddenly hit with a right hook to the head. Alex staggered backwards, received another similar slap and fell unconscious to the octagon floor.


Israel managed to add one more control when the referee intervened, stopping the match.


Before that, the fighters met at UFC 281 in November last year. Back then, Pereira defeated Adesanya, taking the title from him.


After winning in Miami, Adesanya wrote his name in the history of the UFC. He became the first middleweight to repeat as champion.


Commenting on his success, Israel said it was revenge.

"You know, people say revenge is sweet. And you know I have a sweet tooth. It's incredibly sweet. In spite of everything, Alex is a great champion," the Brazilian fighter said after the victory.


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