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There were mystical things happening on the sets of horror movies
There was mysticism happening on the sets of horror movies

No one would want to deal with the devil. Actors, directors and producers are forced to create movies about the afterlife as horror is the third most popular genre.

Mystical coincidences often occur at the scene of filming. They can tickle the nerves of the entire crew. OBOZREVATEL decided to tell you about these incidents.

  • Poltergeist
There were accidents on the film set.

Poltergeist, a film about a family who encountered supernatural phenomena in their home, was surrounded by rumors of strange and mysterious events on the set. A tape in which there are fewer people than demons could not do without mysticism.

During one of the scenes where a toy clown attacks the young Oliver Robins, there was an accident when the mechanical doll jammed and the boy almost strangled himself. One of the lead actresses died after filming, strangled by her husband. 12-year-old actress Heather O'rourke died due to a misdiagnosis of intestinal stenosis as doctors did not recognize her condition in time. The movie makers attribute all these mystical deaths to the fact that real people were used as it was cheaper.

  • The Exorcist
All the decorations burned down

The classic horror movie Exorcist telling about the transformation of a young girl into a demon leaves viewers impressed to this day. Many stories about unexpected events and mysticism on the set became the subject of discussion.

All the decor and props associated with fire burst into flames and burned to the ashes during filming. The fact that only the bed of the young actress remained intact is quite mysterious. Her character brought otherworldly powers.

  • Sadako
The film crew called exorcists

The actors of the Japanese horror film Safako were literally haunted by strange events during filming. They received mysterious calls on their cell phones, encountered incomprehensible burst pipes in studio rooms and in the office of the film company. Since water and phone service were a key backdrop to the movie, these accidents were particularly exciting.

A swarm of bees attacked a prop van once. At the end of filming, the crew ere so scared that they brought exorcists to perform a ritual.

  • Troy
Brad Pitt broke his leg on set.

Troy is a mythical epic with an unconventional plot. However, even such a movie did not escape interest because of the events that occurred on the set. Brad Pitt, who played the role of Achilles, injured his Achilles tendon. This entailed postponing the filming of the main battle for several months until the actor recovered. Tragedy also struck one of the interns who broke his leg during filming and died from complications. The sets of some scenes in the movie were destroyed by a hurricane.

  • Viy
The actress almost died.

Viy is another example of a mystical movie, which was accompanied by strange events during filming. Scripted scenery, namely coffins, crosses, church, cobwebs and many other details created an atmosphere of horror. However, "accidents" of interaction with the otherworld made people believe in the supernatural.

The actress who played the role of Pannochka almost crashed when she flew to the ceiling in the coffin, although she was secured by several cables. She was saved by one of the actors, who managed to delay her fall. The demonstration of the picture on the ship was once interrupted several times because of a real storm. When they turned the projector off, the storm calmed down.

Earlier OBOZREVATEL wrote about five actors who died after filming. Some call it a coincidence, while others believe in mysticism.

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