Five cases where actors refused to blindly follow the script - and it created a furor

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Cases where actors refused to blindly follow the script

Sometimes actors are so much in the role that they know better than writers, directors and producers, as would have acted or what would say in this or that situation, their character. This relationship between the actor and the hero, which he embodies on the screen, gives its fruit.

Thus, many filmmakers refused to blindly follow the script and made adjustments to it, which, in the end, were very successful. OBOZREVATEL offers to tell about some of them.

Robert Pattinson changed the mood of Edward Cullen in "Twilight"


It turns out that the directors and screenwriters wanted the main character of the iconic vampire saga to be softer and more smiling. They wanted to show a vampire in love who would be no different from his usual peers. However, Robert Pattinson saw his character as sullen, serious and perpetually immersed in his thoughts. By the way, the book also describes Edward as gloomy and distant. The actor was almost fired from the film, as he was very active in defending his opinion. In the end, the makers of the film made concessions. As we can see, the bet played out.

Jenna Ortega changed the dress moment in the Wednesday series


The series "Wednesday" became mega-popular in late 2022, and the main character's dance, which, by the way, actress Jenna Ortega invented herself, has managed to become iconic. As we recall, the very same dance Wansday Addams danced in a beautiful black dress that the Thing bought for her in honor of the Raven's Ball. According to the script, upon seeing the gift, Wansday should have exclaimed something like, "Oh my God, I'm crazy about this dress and I literally hate myself for it!" However, Jenna Ortega assured that this phrase was completely inappropriate for her somber and emotionally cold heroine, so it was cut.

Imelda Staunton asked to add overlays to Dolores Umbridge's "Harry Potter" costumes


If you sympathize with Dolores Umbridge, then you simply haven't seen "Harry Potter", because all the fans of the franchise literally hate this antagonist. Tough, overbearing, control freak and just a very angry professor wanted to seem completely different - white and fluffy. And Imelda Staunton understood this, because very subtly felt her character. That is why the actress asked to make overlays in her costume, due to which she looked softer and more rounded. And thanks to the padding in the thigh area, Umbridge's gait became duck-like, which also added to the character's right mood.

Johnny Depp didn't say 85% of the lines inEdward Scissorhands


The collaborations between Johnny Depp and director Tim Burton are always masterpieces. The film "Edward Scissorhands" was no exception. The actor admitted in one of his many interviews that he had marked 85% of his lines. He believed that the vocabulary of Edward should be very scarce. Thus, his character evoked more sympathy. Moreover, some of the phrases Depp has changed on the set, getting used to the image of an unhappy young man with scissors instead of hands. For example, when Edward was asked about his father, he had to answer: "He died. Instead, Depp uttered: "He didn't wake up." This phrase, according to the actor, revealed the character more, showing his naivety and vulnerability.

Whoopi Goldberg coined the iconic line of her character in Ghost


It often happens that phrases that actors say during filming purely by accident become iconic. Such was the case with Whoopi Goldberg's character in the legendary film Ghost. It was in the scene where Oda Mae Brown comes to Molly Jensen (Demi Moore) and with the most serious expression on her face says, "Molly, you're in danger, girl." Although the script had this line, "He says you're in danger." You should agree that it was much more dramatic and interesting.

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