Find the differences between cats: a puzzle that only the smartest people can solve

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Solving such puzzles helps to maintain brain health.

The puzzle pictures you find on the internet are not just a fun way to pass the time. Sometimes they can tell you a lot about your brain's state, observation and analytical skills. Which, in turn, can tell you what exercises it needs to stay efficient and flexible.

This is the puzzle published by the Express. Its essence is to look closely at the image with three grey and white cats and determine as quickly as possible which one has a difference that makes it redundant. (To see the image, read the news to the end)

Those who can complete the task in 10 seconds or less are usually considered to have a high level of intelligence. Such people are highly observant and tend to think logically and make fewer logical errors.

Scientists also note that solving such puzzles can be beneficial in the long run. Such exercises have the same effect on the brain as physical training does on the body - they expand its capabilities, help develop new ways of thinking, and maintain neuroplasticity at a high enough level.

In particular, such training helps to reduce the risk of developing Alzheimer's disease. According to the British charity Alzheimer's Society, someone in the UK is diagnosed with dementia every three minutes. This means that this problem is quite widespread and requires special attention. In particular, the efforts of each individual to train their own brain. Including through funny puzzles.


The correct answer to this puzzle is C. This cat has no eyebrows.

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