Find the acorn: an autumn puzzle that will confuse anyone

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The picture shows a single acorn hiding among the oak leaves

In just 2-3 more weeks, Ukraine will see golden autumn - the trees will be covered with yellow leaves that will begin to fall off, and chestnuts and acorns will start to fall from the branches. In the meantime, the acorn has become the main character of a new autumn puzzle for those who like to stretch their brains.

OBOZREVATEL publishes an image that only the most attentive will be able to cope with. The champions will have to solve the puzzle in 28 seconds.

Find the acorn: an autumn puzzle that will confuse anyone

In the picture, you can find a beautiful pattern of yellowed oak leaves that seem to have scattered picturesquely over the surface. But there is one acorn among them. To find it, you will have to strain your eyes and attention.

Experts advise you to start by looking at the whole picture and try to notice which part of it is different. If you can't do this, you should move on to carefully combing through the image with your eyes. This will not be easy, because the picture contains a huge number of details that the eye clings to, distracting attention.

If you can't find the acorn in the allotted time, don't give up. Keep searching until you reach your goal. Experts say that solving the problem on your own will bring the most benefit to the brain. The main thing is to stay calm and methodically go to the goal.

If you can't solve the puzzle methodically and calmly, you can look for the answer in the hint. It is published below.

Find the acorn: an autumn puzzle that will confuse anyone

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