Few people know: What appliances should not be plugged into an extension cord

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What appliances can not be plugged into an extension cord

Not always in the house sockets are located so that you can turn on all the necessary appliances. Therefore, owners use extension cords that can solve such problems.

But some devices can break, because of the use of an extension cord. OBOZREVATEL made a list of such devices.

Overloading the extension cord and its improper use can damage the equipment, causing a power outage, and in the worst case, there may be a fire.Such devices are not designed to be consumed through them very powerful current. And manufacturers often use cheap wires or other unreliable parts. Therefore, if you turn on the iron, refrigerator and coffee maker at the same time, the wires begin to overheat.

To avoid danger and risks, you should learn which appliances are recommended to be plugged only into sockets.

Refrigerator, freezer

These appliances consume the most electricity and their maximum capacity builds up quickly, so it's not a good idea to plug them into an extension cord.

Washing machine

Hosts often use a washing machine, so an extension cord is not suitable for it either. This can cause overheating and lead to negative consequences.

Microwave oven

At first glance, it may seem that the microwave does not consume a lot of electricity because of its small size, but this is not true. Most models are between 1000 and 1500 watts and can consume up to 90 kWh on average. Therefore, the use of an extension cord should be avoided.

Coffee maker

Such an appliance can consume up to 165 kWh. Therefore, it is better to plug the coffee maker into an outlet.


A toaster consumes a lot of energy, from 500 to 1000 watts/year with regular use. To avoid spoiling the device, use an outlet.

Another extension cord

If you want to plug an extension cord into another extension cord, it's a very bad idea. Because the maximum authorized wattage will be exceeded, and the risk of electrical fire or electrocution will be much higher.

Also, remember to turn off the extension cord at night or when leaving the house to limit the risk of fire.

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