Etiquette rules: the biggest mistake at the table most of us make

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Rules of table etiquette

Knowing and following the rules of etiquette will help prevent awkward situations. Etiquette norms change depending on the era, so some of the nuances that were strictly observed a few decades ago are now considered outdated.

However, there are universal rules of etiquette that are common to most cultures. Woman and Home shared one mistake that is often made at the table without even realizing that such behavior is rude.

Some unspoken rules must be followed regardless of whether it is a dinner with friends, a dinner party or a business lunch.

Jane Withers, a Florida-based dinner etiquette teacher, gave some tips on the basic rules of table manners. According to her, she sees one gross mistake too often.

Jane studied etiquette at Cambridge University, so she knows all about the proper manners of high society. She said that the biggest mistake she sees at dinner parties is when people start eating before all the other dishes are served.

The rule seems simple enough, but not everyone was raised in the same environment. Thus, don't start eating until the table is fully set.

Many other rules should be followed during a big feast or business lunch, including:

Dirty cutlery should not be left on the table. It should be put on the plate.

When you've stabbed a piece of meat, you shouldn't bite it off the fork in small pieces with your elbows on the table.

You should not lean too low over the plate, "raking" the food. You should keep your posture.

You should not eat with your mouth open, slurping or stuffing your mouth full.

When dining in a company (at a business reception, at a corporate event, or even with friends), you shouldn't rush and talk with your mouth full. It's better to keep up the general pace.

You should not be rude to the staff and show arrogance.

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