Etiquette rules on using a smartphone at work and when visiting

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Rules of etiquette regarding smartphone use

Etiquette is constantly changing and is being adjusted to modern realities. Some rules are already considered hopelessly outdated, while other nuances related to gadgets and technology have appeared quite recently, so few people know about them.

For example, when using smartphones, we usually do not think about the fact that some actions may be inappropriate. We can put the gadget on the table by the plate during a business lunch or even start answering messages when the interlocutor is sitting behind and is actively talking about something. To know how to use a smartphone at work or when visiting, read OBOZREVATEL material.

Rules of "smartphone" etiquette during business meetings

Smartphones have become an integral part of our lives. Sometimes we do not notice that we spend more time online than interacting with people around us.

Excessive phone usage at work can hinder efficiency and productivity. You should use the gadget on breaks and never in meetings, appointments or negotiations.


However, there are emergencies when you need to make a personal call during a meeting. If possible, warn those present. This way you will avoid unpleasant situations. You may simply apologize and leave the office for a few minutes. However, we emphasize that this only applies to urgent situations.

Telephone and toilet

According to the rules of etiquette, it is not customary to take the phone with you to the restroom. Do not hold phone conversations when you are in the toilet. This is at least rude and uncomfortable for the interlocutor on the other end of the connection, as well as for those who use the toilet.

Headphones and loud sound

Even if you are sitting with a group of friends, turn the sound off beforehand if you decide to pick up your phone.

If you live with a partner or roommates, use headphones. A home is a place where everyone can relax, so don't play games with the sound on or watch videos at full volume without headphones (except in situations where you're watching videos together).

Phone during informal meetings

Warn the person you are talking to that you are expecting an important message or call. It is impolite to glance at your smartphone during meetings or meals together constantly.

If you receive an urgent message or call, apologize to the person you are talking to and then answer.

Do not put your smartphone on the table during business lunches.

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