Etiquette rules on how to refuse when you are persistently offered alcohol

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Rules of etiquette when visiting

Hosts understand the concept of hospitality differently. Some believe that it is enough to set the table nicely and have an interesting conversation, while others think that drinking alcohol is one of the most important signs of a good evening.

If a person refuses to drink alcohol, others do not always take it well. OBOZREVATEL shares the rules of etiquette that will help to avoid such situations.

Most celebrations or friendly get-togethers usually do not go without alcoholic beverages. However, there are some hosts or guests who won't take no for an answer.

They often end up insisting on buying you drinks and forcing you to drink at least one glass, arguing that nothing will happen from a couple of sips of alcohol. Of course, this is an unpleasant situation that puts everyone present in an awkward position.

You can follow the rules of etiquette. If you are a guest in such a situation, you should not make excuses and say that you are taking medication or that you cannot drink.

Let your glass be full, toast with everyone else, but just don't drink. You may want to take a sip at the beginning so that others will calm down and not focus on it anymore.

If you are a host who persistently serves drinks, don't do it so as not to disturb the comfort of your guests. Don't force them to do something they don't want to do. It's enough to ask a person if they want something to drink once and that's it.

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