Englishwoman went to three countries for less than £50: what's the trick of the persistent traveller

Sabina Troyanova, savvy traveler. Source: msn.com

Sabina Troyanova, 29, from East London, managed to arrange a trip to three different European cities for less than £50 and revealed her interesting tactic for getting cheap tickets.

First, she found a flight to Dublin from London for just £12.99 on Tuesday, May 9, and left the next morning. After spending a couple of days in the Irish capital, Sabine flew to Marseille, France, for just £17.38, and then flew to Palma, Spain, where her third travel destination. The last leg of the flight cost her £16, MSN writes.

The woman made it her goal to take the cheapest flight to a new country. She said she booked each flight the night before to find out her next destination. And she explored each new city on foot.

The traveler used a mobile app to find the cheapest flight to her next destination. She set herself four tasks for each country she visited, saying: "I had to eat a national or regional traditional dish. Next was something sweet - again from the region. Then I had to find an interesting woman on history and finally a book by a local author."

Sabine stayed in a hostel for £88.88 in Dublin and ate traditional Irish stew in a pub, adding a pint of Guinness, then found a traditional bun and spent time with friends who live in the city.

In Marseille, Sabine stayed for £94.26 and found a regional seafood stew.

Her last stop in Palma, she stayed in a hostel for £80.36 for two nights with a rooftop pool.

Sabina speaks Spanish and French, but insists it would have been easy enough to get around without her language skills.

"The point of this was to show how affordable travel can be. If you did it on a weekly basis, it would have a huge impact on the environment," the traveler added.

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