"Dungeons & Dragons," "John Wick" and other expected premieres: what to go to the movies in the coming weeks

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Interesting premieres in the coming weeks

Already in the next few weeks Ukrainians are waiting for a lot of movie premieres. Among them: the comedy "Dungeons & Dragons", the fourth part of the story about the assassin "John Wick", the action film "Black Warrant" and others.

Both fans of violent scenes and parents with young children will find an interesting session for themselves. OBOZREVATEL decided to tell what will be shown in cinemas in Ukraine soon (to see the video, scroll to the end of the page).

Dungeons & Dragons: Honor among Thieves (March 30)

The comedy film with fantastic motifs will tell about thieves who mistakenly helped the "wrong people" to free the greatest evil in the world and now have to confront it. Witches, living dead, apt jokes, vivid special effects, magic, monsters and much more await the audience.

John Wick 4 (March 30).

Soon Keanu Reeves will appear on the screens again as assassin Wick. The viewers will see the continuation of the killer's fight against his enemies, new characters and even more epic fight scenes.

Black Warrant (March 30)

CIA agent Nick is long retired and living on a yacht, but one day he is brought in to take out three dangerous criminals in Mexico. At the same time, DEA agent Anthony is looking for his partner's killers. Fate brings the different heroes together with their own motives so that together they can stop a catastrophe - energy terrorism.

Super Mario Brothers Movie (April 5)

A cartoon based on the famous game will allow the whole family to immerse themselves in a world of exciting adventures and hilarious jokes for a few hours. Heroes will solve riddles, fight enemies and save themselves and their loved ones from danger.

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