Don't ask for money and don't adress others like they are your friends: basic rules of etiquette at work

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Rules of business etiquette

Following the rules of etiquette helps you get along with your colleagues, make a good impression on your superiors, and move up the career ladder with confidence. Employees are introduced to the basic rules of internal regulations when they are hired, but there are also unspoken aspects of behavior that should be followed as well.

OBOZ.UA has selected the rules that will help newcomers join the team and improve relations with colleagues. These tips are relevant for both office and remote workers.


When entering the office (or a work chat), the first thing you should do is say hello to everyone. This should be done regardless of your position in the team. Don't forget to thank them for their advice and help, be polite, and offer assistance in return. Rude and rude behavior towards colleagues will definitely not end well. When working in the office, be polite and patient, smile at your colleagues, and maintain a good mood in the team.


Try to come to work on time. Do not look for excuses for being late. A systematic lack of punctuality can cause distrust among colleagues or undermine team discipline. Warn your manager about your lateness. Remote workers should be on time for online meetings.


You should opt for the pronoun "you" in business communication as this way you will demonstrate a culture of communication and show respect for the interlocutor. You should address your manager as "you" in the presence of other colleagues even if you have friendly relations with them outside of work.


Avoid gossip and do not engage in conversations in which colleagues rudely discuss or even judge someone. Be reserved and well-mannered. Excessive talkativeness can be annoying to colleagues. Of course, this does not mean that you should be silent at work, just choose your topics of conversation carefully. Personal and intimate details should not be discussed in the workplace at all.

Dress code

If the company has a dress code, try to strictly adhere to it. There are also general rules for business attire:

  • give preference to restrained colors (or corporate colors);
  • take care of a change of shoes;
  • do not use too much perfume;
  • women should avoid revealing clothes, mini, and necklines, and do not wear a large number of accessories at once;
  • men should buy classic suits for important negotiations.

Remote workers should also show respect for their colleagues during online meetings, so negotiations from bed and pajama dress codes are unacceptable.


In business emails, even if they are sent via messengers or social media, you need to say hello, summarize the essence of the case, not abuse emojis, and do not forget about the content and literacy. For humorous pictures and videos, it's better to create a separate chat with colleagues and not clutter up the main working chat so that employees don't miss important messages.

"Mute" mode

If you work in an office, it's best to switch your phone to silent mode at the beginning of the day so as not to distract your colleagues. You shouldn't talk loudly on the phone or deal with personal issues while sitting in the office.

Asking for money

It is better not to ask for money on loan from either colleagues or management if you do not want to ruin your relationship with them. It often happens that a person does not repay the borrowed money on time, and it is inconvenient to remind them of this. People say that the most dangerous debtors are colleagues who have decided to quit. Borrow small amounts so as not to cause jealousy and ruin relationships. If you borrow larger amounts, feel free to do so against a receipt.


No one needs you to sacrifice yourself, so if you are sick, stay home. Don't put your colleagues in danger. Take care of your health and make efforts to recover as soon as possible.

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