Does cable length affect smartphone charging speed: an unexpected answer

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Smartphone charging cable

It often happens that you need to charge your smartphone quickly. And the question arises: does the length of the charging cable affect the speed of the process? There is still some debate about this online.

According to experts, the length of the cable does matter. Read the OBOZREVATEL article to find out which cable is better for fast charging.

Although the length of the charger plays a role, you should not buy the shortest cable.

In some cases, cable length does play a role. A longer cable creates a higher resistance, which results in a lower voltage. Experts believe that the longer the cable, the longer it will take to complete a full charge cycle.


But sometimes you really need to choose an extended cable, for example, if the outlet is far away and you need to keep your smartphone close at hand. In such cases, it may be better to buy an extension cable rather than a long cable.

The "short cable - fast charging" option doesn't always work either. Many people forget that a smartphone or battery may have a voltage limit, so this will not have the desired effect. The power cable alone cannot improve the charging level. Experts advise using the USB device that came with the phone.

You should also pay attention to the thickness of the cable. A cable with a larger diameter will have a higher bandwidth, but you need to look at the calibre of the internal weave.

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