Do not burn them: what to do with fallen leaves in the fall

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What to do with fallen leaves

Burning leaves not only pollutes the environment and destroys the ground cover but can also causes fire. Therefore, you should not use this method of cleaning your yard or garden.

Fallen leaves are a natural fertilizer that will improve the condition of your plants and fill the ground with nutrients. OBOZREVATEL found helpful tips to cope with it.


Rotten leaves are one of the best options to feed the soil. However, you need to make an effort to turn it into a real fertilizer. To do this, line the bottom of the box with thick branches and pour the earth over it. Shred the leaves, place them in the box and fill them with soil again. Water from time to time so that the leaves rot faster and compost is formed.

Insulating flowers

Roses, hydrangeas and chrysanthemums need extra insulation before frosts start. Fallen leaves are best for this. Cover the soil near the seedlings with dry leaves. This will help them survive the cold season and later become a good fertilizer.

Hedgehog houses

Hedgehogs need houses to survive the cold weather too. Therefore, when cleaning the garden, leave a small part of the leaves under the fence or in other inconspicuous places and the animals will be grateful for the opportunity to overwinter.

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