"Did the SBU dictate?" A Russian colonel handed out propaganda to the occupiers that discourages them from fighting. Photo.

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Mobilised people are frightened by a "smart and prepared" enemy

The occupiers in the Zaporizhzhya sector were given propaganda leaflets that completely discourage them from fighting. The mobilised people are scared of an "intelligent and prepared enemy", who threatens the invaders with the most terrible things, including "swastikas with hot iron".

This is reported by the Telegram channel "Spy Dossier", which is run on behalf of an employee of one of the special services. The channel published a photo of the leaflet provided by the wife of a Russian military officer (to see it, scroll down to the end of the news).

As noted, the text for the leaflet was written by the commander of the 392nd motorised rifle regiment of the Russian army, Colonel Rudakov. His unit is a new one, formed of mobilised men who were trained in Krasnodar Krai and now arrived in the Zaporizhzhia region.

Judging by the content of the poster, the occupiers can draw a disappointing conclusion that they are facing a "trained and intelligent enemy" ahead, with their family and children behind them. The desire to move "back" to their relatives arises naturally, according to the "Spy Dossier".

"If we flinch, we will face the worst - retreat and captivity, and our loved ones - grief and tears," the commander assures his subordinates.

According to him, in Ukrainian captivity, the occupiers are allegedly facing real atrocities: torture, starvation, "cut off" body parts, rape and even a swastika with hot iron.

Finally, Rudakov decided to clarify that the Russian military are "not orcs, but Russians" who must win for the sake of "holy Russia".

After the distribution of these leaflets, officers of the Military Political Work Department (MPW) test the mobilised for knowledge of the leaflets.

"Personally, I have a clear impression that Colonel Rudakov created this miracle of military creativity under the dictation of his supervisor from the SBU. Because it is difficult to think of a more demoralising content of the leaflet," writes "Spy Dossier".


As reported by OBOZREVATEL:

- Kremlin propagandists spread a horror story that two pensioners in Latvia allegedly died after Latvian lessons because they were afraid of deportation for not knowing the language.

- One of the propagandists on RosTV accused the Kremlin authorities of launching a "special operation" and stated that no one had shelled Bryansk and Belgorod until February 24, 2022.

- Propagandist Vladimir Solovyov threw a tantrum, demanding the immediate use of tactical nuclear weapons before the Ukrainian Armed Forces counterattacked.

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