Creepy curse or accident? Five actors who died after starring in horror movies

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Actors who died after filming in horror movies

Watch horror movies few people like, and to star in them - a challenge to which not all actors agree. And the point here is not in a banal script or uninteresting plot, but in the fear of surrounding themselves with a creepy aura that often hovers on the set during the filming of horror movies. Moreover, in Hollywood there is a whole category of horror movies that are called "cursed" because they are marred by tragic events, namely deaths.

OBOZREVATEL will tell you about actors who died after starring in iconic horror movies. Some fans believe that the death of their idol is mystically linked to involvement in horror movies, while others try to adhere to the theory that all this is purely accidental.

Brittany Murphy, Something Wicked

Creepy curse or accident? Five actors who died after starring in horror movies

Brittany Murphy's death has come as a big shock to movie buffs around the world. The 32-year-old actress was at the height of her popularity when suddenly her heart stopped beating. The most eerie thing is that it happened in the midst of filming the mystical thriller Something Wicked, where the star embodied the role of a psychiatrist named Susan. The official cause of death of the actress called pneumonia, complicated by iron-deficiency anemia and overdose of drugs. However, a short time later, under the same circumstances, the actress's husband, producer Simon Monjack died. The Department of Health then voiced an additional version of the fact that the cause of both deaths could be a fungus.

Jack McGowran and Vasiliki Maliaru, The Exorcist

Creepy curse or accident? Five actors who died after starring in horror movies

The 1973 movie The Exorcist gained fame as one of the scariest movies in the world. Its creation story contains mystical events that added even more horror to this project. In particular, during the filming there was a fire that damaged the sets, and later lightning struck a Catholic cross that was used in the movie. Producers were so frightened by what was happening that they even invited a priest to sanctify the entire crew. This, alas, did not help. A total of 9 people died during and after the work on the picture, including actors and technical staff.

Among them - the performer of the role of Burke Dennings - Jack McGowren, and Vasiliki Maliaru, who played Mary Karras. McGowren reportedly contracted influenza during an epidemic of illness in London and died of complications on the day of the premiere. And Vasiliki Malyaru, who was already 89 years old at the time of filming, died of "natural causes," according to medical reports.

Bela Lugosi, Plan 9 from Outer Space

Creepy curse or accident? Five actors who died after starring in horror movies

Bela Lugosi can be considered the official face of Dracula in old American horror movies. He played various werewolves and vampires in dozens of creepy movies. Shortly before his death, the actor met the famous director Ed Wood, who was called "the worst in history." They even began to cooperate - Lugosi starred in more than one picture of the director. The last project in which the actor participated, was a sci-fi horror film Plan 9 from Outer Space. Lugosi died of a heart attack right during filming. At that time was filmed only ten minutes of material. After his death, Wood had to use archival footage of the actor to finish the work.

Aaliyah, The Queen of the Damned

Creepy curse or accident? Five actors who died after starring in horror movies

The winner of three American Music Awards and two MTV VMAs, who was also nominated five times for a Grammy, tragically died at the height of her fame and success in 2001 at the age of 22. Aaliyah was the victim of a plane crash - the plane she was flying in crashed in the Bahamas. The most interesting thing is that the singer was not supposed to board that day, but at the last minute she adjusted her plans and decided to fly. And the creepiest thing is that a month before the tragedy Alia played the vampire queen Akasha in the screen adaptation of Anne Rice's gothic novel The Queen of the Damned. Her character later became the main antagonist of the movie. Fans are still sharing theories that the death of the young star is not an accident.

Dominique Dunne, Will Sampson, Julian Beck and Heather O'Rourke, Poltergeist

Creepy curse or accident? Five actors who died after starring in horror movies

This iconic movie, like The Exorcist, is marred by a string of tragic events. The performer of the role of Dana Freeling - Dominique Dunne - died first four months after the release of the movie. At the time she was only 22 years old. The young actress was attacked by her former boyfriend and tried to strangle her. The celebrity fell into a coma, from which she never came out.

The next victim was Heather O'Rourke, who played the younger sister of Dana Freeling. At the time of filming the first part she was only six years old. Young actress said goodbye to Poltergeist in the summer of 1987, and in 1988 it became known about her death. 12-year-old girl, according to the conclusion of doctors, died of a congenital disease, which led to infection and subsequent septic shock.

Third on this tragic list is Will Sampson, who played Taylor the shaman in the horror film. According to some insiders, the actor actually believed that the movie set was "cursed". Moreover, he performed an ancient Native American ritual that was supposedly supposed to "exorcise demons" and keep everyone involved in the picture safe. The ritual did not work, and Sampson died after a risky heart and lung transplant surgery. This happened a few months after the release of the second part of Poltergeist.

In that same second installment, viewers can also see a macabre preacher played by Julian Beck. He also passed away just after the movie was completed. It is reported that even before filming began, the actor was diagnosed with cancer.

Earlier OBOZREVATEL wrote about the movies that are called "cursed". Shooting these movies are shrouded in mysticism and associated with tragedies. All the details - in our material.

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