Covered with slag: the occupiers are destroying the Kalchyk River in Mariupol.

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Occupants destroy the Kalchyk River in Mariupol

The Russian invaders are destroying not only the buildings in Mariupol, but also the environment. The occupiers have filled in the Kalchik River that runs through the city.

The consequences of this barbarism will be felt in the summer. The adviser to the mayor of Mariupol, Petro Andriushchenko, wrote about this, showing a video of the destruction of the reservoir.

"They decided to simply destroy the Kalchyk River. After blocking the flow in one place near the Extreme Park, the same was done in the area of the destroyed bridge on Kuindzhi Street. First, they demolished the hydraulic structure, which led to waterlogging of the river. Now they're just covering it with slag," said Andriushchenko.

The advisor to the mayor also noted that the consequences of the invaders' next crime will be felt in a matter of months.

"The consequences, the direct consequences, will already be evident this summer. The ecology of the Azov Sea has been destroyed every day since February 24, 2022. If not by bombs, then by such deliberate actions," Andriushchenko added.

Mariupol on the map.

Earlier, it became known that the occupiers had erected a monument in Mariupol to a general who took part in the capture of the city.

Russian Lieutenant General Roman Kutuzov commanded the DPR army corps and was killed in Luhansk Oblast, but the occupiers continue to lie that he was killed in the battle for Mariupol.

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