Cats of what colour bring happiness to the house: the most successful colour is named

Black cats protect from dark forces, and light cats bring happiness in love

Strictly speaking, a cat of any colour can bring happiness to the house. After all, any furry pet is a real source of fun and joy for all household members. But people have certain signs that attribute special properties to cats of a certain colour.

OBOZREVATEL has studied these signs associated with cats. And tells you what colour purrs are considered real magnets for good luck and wealth.

Red cat

A red cat is associated with gold. Thus, according to beliefs that exist in many cultures, it can bring prosperity. Also, red cats are helpers for those who want to make a career or build a business, get a promotion at work, or open a new source of income. Cats with red coats are also credited with the ability to keep their owners from excessive and unnecessary spending, increase concentration, increase responsibility, and help with learning.

Black cat

Despite their notoriety and alleged connection with evil spirits, many cultures consider black cats to be family talismans. They are believed to be able to see evil spirits and keep them out of the house. Therefore, the presence of a black cat in a home brings its inhabitants good luck in all spheres of life. A dark-coloured animal can also cleanse the soul of its owners of negative emotions and prevent them from being subject to the evil eye. If a black cat comes into your house by itself, it is considered great luck. Such a guest should be properly greeted. A black animal permanently living in the house effectively protects it from guests with bad intentions and evil thoughts.

White or grey cat

Cats in light fur coats are the best helpers in personal life and any human relationships. They are recommended for families with frequent quarrels or conflicts. A white or grey cat will relieve tension and help people to compromise more often. Such a pet can strengthen the bond between households and deepen mutual love. It is also a good choice for those who are in search of their happiness. Singles are advised to invite their love interest home and let him or her play with a white or grey cat. This should open the person's heart and help to attach them to you.

Tricolour cat

According to Japanese tradition, turtle-coloured cats are a powerful magnet for all kinds of well-being. They bring great luck and prosperity, protect from all bad things and provide a sense of happiness. Japanese seafarers believed that mike-neko (the Japanese name for a purr with three coats) could drive away evil spirits from a ship, so they bought them for huge sums of money. In the United States, such creatures are called "money cats" and are associated with the ability to attract money. In Germany, they are called "lucky cats".

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