Can you water your garden at night: What rules must be followed?

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Even overnight watering can be safe if done correctly

For the average busy modern person, sometimes there are no other options than to water their plants - whether in the garden or in the vegetable garden - at night. But many of these plant-lovers wonder whether it's a good idea to water their plants at night. Experienced gardeners sometimes warn that this can make greens more susceptible to pathogens.

The experts from Plant House Aesthetic explain all the nuances. And they present them in the form of key tips for watering your plants at night.

Don't get the leaves wet

Water plants so that only the surface of the ground gets any water at night. Leaves which remain moist for long periods can actually be attacked more easily by fungi and bacteria and can become destructive. It is best to choose drip irrigation or a hose connected to a water tap for overnight watering.

Do not water every night

When watering at night, only water the soil when it has dried out moderately. It is better to water infrequently but abundantly each time. This will encourage your plants to form a deeper root system and prevent over-watering.

Group the plants according to their water requirements

To make watering easier, combine beds or form beds so that there are plants which need roughly the same amount of water nearby. This not only makes the task easier and more convenient, it also prevents plants from overwatering, since the amount of water applied at night is more difficult to control.

Do not water your plants automatically

Drip irrigation programmed for regular watering seems like a good solution, but it really isn't. In rainy weather, for example, it can lead to severe overwatering. Manual watering, if you moisten the soil at night, is therefore a better choice.

During the cold season, give up watering at night.

In autumn or winter, avoid watering at night to avoid damaging your plants. After all, night frosts can turn water into ice and destroy everything you have grown. Also during the cold season, let the soil dry out before the next watering.

Shift the mulch before watering

Before watering the plants, sweep aside the mulch. It helps a lot to keep the soil moist and warm. But at the same time, it also restricts the access of air to the soil. Ideally, you should leave an area of soil 5-7 cm in diameter around the stem and water the plant there.

Try to find the best time to water the plants

The best time to water is early morning. That way, the water droplets on the leaves will dry out during the day in the sun. Early evening is also a good time. Try to find time to moisten your garden or vegetable garden during these hours.

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