Can you eat tomatoes with white streaks: may indicate disease

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Are white veins in tomatoes harmful

Sometimes it happens that bright and large tomatoes are unripe and hard when cut open. They have incomprehensible white veins, and they taste almost nothing.

The cause is most often the disease phytoplasmosis. Why in tomatoes inside white veins and whether you can eat vegetables after phytophthora - read in the material OBOZREVATEL.

What is phytoplasmosis

Phytoplasmosis most often affects plants in the southern regions, where temperatures remain high from early spring until the first frosts, while air humidity is quite low.

The disease leads to the loss of 70% of the crop. If phytoplasmosis has affected the plant at an early stage of development, the fruit simply does not wilt, and after the beginning of fruiting tomatoes turn white inside and become stiff in consistency.

Externally, phytoplasmosis can be recognized by greenish-yellow spots that depart from the peduncle almost to the middle of the fruit.

The vectors of infection are:

  • aphids;
  • moths;
  • cicadas;
  • warblers;
  • leafhoppers.

To protect tomatoes from disease, it is necessary to carry out treatment against pests. It is important and regular removal of weeds and weeding of beds.

Why white veins appear in tomatoes

The appearance of white veins is also influenced by weather conditions. In the case of excessive heat and lack of watering, lycopene, which is responsible for color, will stop accumulating in tomatoes. Fruits will begin to lighten, become tough and lose flavor.

Another reason is the lack or excess of nutrients (potassium, nitrogen or calcium).

White veins also appear in case of excessive feeding with nitrate.

Whether you can eat tomatoes with white veins

Unripe, hard, light-colored tomatoes with white veins inside are best not to be eaten. It is not a fact that they will cause poisoning, but they will not be useful at all.

This is especially true of store-bought vegetables. White veins are the main sign that tomatoes are overfed with nitrates.

Earlier OBOZREVATEL told how to save wilted tomatoes.

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