"Bubble" manicure has burst into the trends. What is the bubbles technique that creates the effect of wet nails

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Bubbles technique in manicure

3D manicure remains one of the main trends in nail design for this season. The effect of wet nails is especially relevant, which is created with the help of volumetric bubbles of varnish that imitate water drops.

Such a "bubble" manicure looks very fresh and is especially popular with fashionistas who like natural nails but want to experiment. Spanish Vogue wrote about the bubbles technique and its features.

Top nail art masters around the world actively share photos and videos of "wet" manicure, so it is not surprising that the bubbles technique has literally burst onto the trend podium.


To achieve the desired effect, the nail technician covers the client's nails with a neutral base - beige, translucent, or light pink. Later, with a thin brush and a golden tint, he leaves dots on the nails, where "bubbles" will later appear.

Then you need to add a sufficient amount of transparent gel and form small balls of various shapes and sizes that resemble water drops. The nails should be patiently dried in a lamp, and then you can enjoy a natural and at the same time unusual manicure.

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