Broken mirrors and old photos: what things attract bad luck into the house

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What are the things that attract trouble into the house

Superstitious people believe that certain things can attract bad luck and negativity into the house. Therefore, they try to get rid of those items to avoid putting their family and well-being at risk.

If you feel an unpleasant atmosphere in your home or have a lot of problems, then pay attention to some things that can contribute to this. OBOZREVATEL will help you deal with it.

Broken mirror

Our ancestors believed that a mirror is a portal to the other world and can even reflect the state of mind. A broken mirror can disrupt the atmosphere of harmony and happiness in the house. This negative effect can last for seven years. You should not look into a damaged mirror as well to avoid attracting evil spirits.

Old watches

There is an old belief that when a clock stops, misfortune awaits the family, meaning that the clock delays the life of the owners and prevents them from moving on. If the clock does not work, it is better to throw it away so as not to attract negative events.

Wilted plants

If a plant has wilted or dried up completely, it can attract misfortune and loss in the life of the owners of the house. Usually, flowers symbolize growth and prosperity. However, if they wither, then your development is on the decline.

Old shoes

Do not keep old and torn shoes for a long time as they attract problems from the past or constantly remind you of unrealized plans or dreams. It is better to throw away old things rather than move them from place to place.

Broken equipment

Cell phones, computers and other gadgets need to be repaired in time because they symbolize obstacles to communication and development.

Old photos

If you have photos that evoke unpleasant memories, you should get rid of them. They keep you in one place and prevent you from moving forward.

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