Boiled eggs - in the trash: an unexpected rating of foods that should not be eaten on the train has been published

Snacking can be tasty and convenient. Source: nutsaboutgreens.com

We all admit to ourselves that when we went on a train journey, we probably took a whole bag of different goodies with us.

But not every dish is suitable for eating in a train carriage. And there are reasonable explanations for this, writes the Dailymail.

Recently, the magazine published 20 foods that should never be eaten on a train, and smoked mackerel is at the top of the list.

It is worth noting that such a delicious dish as smoked mackerel received 49% of the votes in the ranking of the most undesirable foods on the train.

You will be surprised to learn that boiled eggs came in second place with 43%, and curry took third place with 41%.

According to the results of the ranking, egg sandwiches (36%) are in fourth place, while 35% believe that blue cheese (fifth) should never be eaten on a train.

Crab sticks (sixth place, 34%), pasta with tuna (seventh place, 33%), prawns (seventh place, 33%), tuna sandwich (eighth place, 31%) and sushi (ninth place, 24%) are also not considered a good choice of snacks during a trip.

It should be noted that the survey also puts an end to the following products on the train:

  • kebabs;
  • gherkins from a can;
  • burrito;
  • fried chicken.

We would like to add that chocolate bars (69%) and soft sweets (63%) were recognised as less dangerous snacks to eat on the train.

TOP 20 foods that should never be eaten on a train:

1. Smoked mackerel - 49%.

2. Boiled eggs - 43%.

3. Curry - 41%.

4. Sandwiches with eggs - 36%.

5. Blue cheese - 35%.

6. Kebabs and crab sticks - 34%.

7. Tinned gherkins, tuna pasta, burritos and shrimps - 33%.

8. Tuna sandwiches - 31%.

9. Sushi - 24%.

10. Noodles in a pot - 23%.

11. pickled onions - 22%.

12. fried chicken - 20%.

13. Bananas and samosas - 19%.

14. McDonald's/Burger King and other leftovers - 18%.

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