Body parts were cut off: Lubinets spoke about dozens of videos of executions of Ukrainian Armed Forces soldiers by the occupiers, one of the executioners faced retribution

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Lubinets spoke about the executions of Ukrainian soldiers by the occupiers

The Office of the Ukrainian Parliament Commissioner for Human Rights has received dozens of videos of executions of Ukrainian soldiers by the Russian occupiers during the nine months of the full-scale invasion of Russia. The gruesome footage of the Russian inhumans recording their own crimes shows a variety of brutal torture.

The invaders filmed how they cut off the heads and other parts of the body of Ukrainian prisoners, some of the torturers from these videos have already been identified, and one has been punished. This was stated by Ukrainian Ombudsman Dmytro Lubinets in an interview with Ukrainian media.

"Over the past 9 months, we have received several dozen videos of public executions of Ukrainian prisoners of war by the Russian military. This includes beheadings, genital mutilation, cutting off of ears, noses, limbs, phalanges (fingers - Ed.) on hands... Various, various videos that are publicly recorded by Russian servicemen themselves," Lubinets said.

The Ombudsman said that in each of these videos, the Ukrainian side is trying to identify the torturers who abused the captured Ukrainian soldiers. In a number of cases, this has been done. And one of the inhumans has already paid for his actions.

"We managed to verify some of them and I know that one person, if you can call them that, I can't call them people, they are definitely not human beings... One person was punished. I know that he was killed during a firefight with Ukrainian troops," Lubinets said.

He noted that the invaders post videos of brutal casualties online for three key reasons.

These videos are important for "domestic consumption": such horrific executions are meant to reinforce the Russians' belief that Ukrainians are "not people" and to maintain the degree of anti-Ukrainian hysteria prevailing in Russian society.

The invaders are also trying to intimidate those members of the Russian occupation army who are inclined to surrender to save their lives. They say that if they are captured, they will face the same torture by the Ukrainian military.

In addition, this is a kind of "blood binding", after which there will be no way out for anyone.

Instead, the timing of the release of the latest brutal videos of executions of Ukrainian soldiers was chosen because of the desire to intimidate Ukrainian soldiers before launching a counter-offensive. However, Lubinets is convinced that the invaders miscalculated here: instead of fear, they aroused rage in the defenders of Ukraine and motivated them to liberate their homeland and their comrades who are now in captivity in Russia as soon as possible.

On April 11, a shocking video of the execution of a Ukrainian prisoner of war by the Russian occupiers was posted online. The torturers cut off the head of the still living soldier.

The SBU has already launched a pre-trial investigation into this terrible war crime by the Russian invaders. The head of the service, Vasyl Malyuk, assured that the killers would be found wherever they were.

The very next day, CNN reported that they had discovered another video of the beheading of Ukrainian soldiers. The footage of the bodies of two soldiers lying on the ground without heads and arms appears to have been shot recently.

CNN journalists also found that the execution was carried out by mercenaries of the Wagner PMC.

The President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, spoke about the shocking crime of the invaders. He emphasised: "there is something that no one in the world can ignore," and these gruesome images require an immediate response from all world leaders. After all, Russia has been committing similar atrocities against Ukrainians throughout the war, so putting an end to the terror of non-humans is the task of the whole world.

Meanwhile, Ukraine's Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba called for the expulsion of the aggressor country from the UN Security Council after the video of the execution of the soldier, adding that Russia, which currently holds the UN Security Council presidency, has long surpassed even ISIS terrorists in cruelty.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine said it was trying to identify the prisoner executed by the occupiers. They also called on Ukrainians not to share the horrific video and not to make assumptions about the name of the Ukrainian soldier in the video in order not to cause suffering to the defenders' families.

Meanwhile, the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine explained how Russia uses videos of executions of Ukrainian soldiers. They are convinced that the publication of the horrific footage is intended to intimidate Ukrainians and is also addressed to Russians who are considering surrendering the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

On April 13, Ukrainian ombudsman Dmytro Lubinets, citing intelligence officers, said that the persons involved in the brutal execution, as well as the place where it was carried out, had been previously identified.

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