Blouses that have long gone out of fashion and look "cheap": what to replace them with. Photo.

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Three blouse models will be at the peak of popularity in 2023

A blouse is a versatile item for spring. It is comfortable to wear under a coat, trench coat and jacket, because it will not hinder your movements and will make you feel free. In addition, this wardrobe item is a guarantee of a festive mood. Because this year's trends: elegant satin, floral print, geometry will turn you into a luxurious Frenchwoman.

OBOZREVATEL will show you which shirt models you need to say goodbye to and which ones you should definitely buy from the latest collection. Blouses are best combined with classic models of jeans or trousers, as well as with skirts made of thick fabric (to see the photo, scroll to the end).

Transparent blouse

It's hard to argue that completely transparent blouses look spectacular and sexy. But in 2023, you should say no to them. Replace such a model with options where only the sleeves are transparent. And if they are also puffy, your look will be very romantic.


Lace blouse

Voluminous lace blouses are also worth saving for better times. Go for a satin piece with expressive puffed sleeves. The modern trend looks much more expensive and noble.


Leopard print blouse

More often than not, an animal print blouse looks bold rather than elegant, especially when combined with an unflattering bottom. This season, floral, abstract and geometric patterns are replacing the leopard. Pay attention to the vertical stripe, it hides extra centimetres, making the lady slimmer.


As a reminder, OBOZREVATEL recently wrote about what clothes you can wear both in your 20s and 50s. Oversized shirts, trench coats and jackets are suitable for women of any age. To find the right thing and impress others, follow the link.

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