Become a decoration: the best hanging plants for the home

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Even a beginner can handle home vines and hanging cacti

Hanging potted plants are a great choice for those who want to liven up even a small space with natural greenery. They have excellent decorative qualities, can be used to create vertical green arrangements and decorate entire walls, and can be easily placed in hanging pots and on high shelves so that they don't take up space in the room. But in this case, make sure that you can water them conveniently enough.

In short, hanging plants are all about the benefits. But which species to choose? OBOZREVATEL has compiled a list of hanging plants that are easy to care for and will decorate your home very well without requiring special conditions.


Epipremnums, also called scindapsus or pothos, are the best choice even for a beginner. There are several types of this home vine: with bright green, spotted, or variegated heart-shaped leaves. You can choose according to your taste. Epipremnums grow very quickly, reproduce easily, and are as unpretentious as possible in care. It is better to keep several stems in the house at once, because they grow in a "thread" and it is better to group them to create a beautiful green mass.


These are close relatives of epipremnums, about which we can say about the same as about the plants from the previous paragraph. Except that philodendrons have an even greater choice of leaf colors. They can be pale green, variegated, striped, multi-colored, and there are even species with carved leaves.


Plants of this species are distinguished by elongated narrow leaves that hang from the pot in a beautiful lush sultan. They also have the ability to produce a mustache with small plants at the ends - this is the way chlorophytums reproduce. You can choose from striped and solid colors and leaves of various sizes. All chlorophytums are very easy to care for.

English ivy

This plant does not need a lot of heat or plenty of sunlight. You can even forget to water it - English ivy absorbs moisture perfectly from the air. Therefore, it is suitable even for very humid and dark rooms. It quickly gains a lush foliage mass, and its leaves look like dark green three-fingered palms with beautiful light veins.


This plant is also called mistletoe cactus or twig. Yes, it is a succulent. So it is almost impossible to destroy it with poor care. The plant looks like a fluffy interweaving of stick-like green shoots and is completely devoid of thorns, although it belongs to the cactus family. And with proper care, Rhipsalis also blooms with flowers of a very exotic appearance.

Rowley's godson

And again a succulent. And an unusually beautiful one. The branches of Rowley's godson look like a real necklace - it produces rows of juicy spherical leaves on thin shoots. It looks incredibly delicate and exotic. The only thing that can cause real harm to the plant is overwatering. Therefore, it is better to forget to water the godson than to moisten it once again.

Gerrane's godson

Once again, there are related plants next to each other. Everything is true for the Gerrane's godson, as well as for the Rowley's godson, the only difference between them is the shape of the leaves. While the previous species has small spherical leaves, this plant produces rows of heart-shaped leaves that can be from green to purple, depending on the lighting.

Ampelous tradescantia

Speaking of purple leaves. This is the color of the familiar and unpretentious ampelous tradescantia. However, it will turn bright purple only in places with bright light. If there is a lack of sunlight, it will turn green - no less beautiful, but not as exotic.


Yes, we are back to cacti again. This time we are talking about a group of species whose leaves look like whips hanging down. Aporocacti are very undemanding to soil, but they like fairly high humidity. The plant will delight good owners with its spectacular flowering - aporocactus flowers have a very exotic appearance and often bright color.


Among all domestic vines, the dyschidia is distinguished by unusual round leaves that resemble small coins. It looks very delicate and takes up surprisingly little space because it is a compact plant. It feels best in hanging pots, from where it grows in an unusually beautiful green cascade and can bloom very effectively from time to time. However, dyschidia is quite picky about air humidity, so it will have to be not only watered in time but also sprayed.

Earlier, OBOZREVATEL talked about indoor plants with the longest flowering period.

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