Beautiful only in the store: what flowers do not take root well at home

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Growing cyclamen, indoor roses and azaleas can only be done by very skilled flower growers.

The disappointment of bringing home a coveted plant and seeing it wither and wither is hard to describe. It's a very unpleasant experience. And with some flowers this unpleasantness can happen more often than with other vases.

First of all, we are talking about capricious in the care of flowering plants. OBOZREVATEL tells about the flowers that are very likely not to survive in your home, if you are not an experienced florist.


As strange as it may sound, this flower does not like the warmth of home. The Middle Eastern plant naturally blooms during the rainy season. It falls in the winter months, when the temperature in Palestine and Syria, home to the cyclamen, is around 10-15 degrees Celsius. You are unlikely to want to live in such conditions.

If you still can't imagine your own collection without cyclamen, remember the following care tips:

  • Do not deepen the tuber strongly in the pot - its top should rise above the soil;
  • watch the state of the flower on the appearance of buds, they should appear by cold weather, and the more they will be, the better.

The room rose

Any miniature roses suitable for growing on the windowsill, in indoor conditions become very vulnerable to such a pest as spider mites. And all because of the dry air, reducing their resistance. From the flower, it can easily spread to other plants. Therefore, in the warm months, it is better to take the indoor rose to the balcony or garden, where it will feel better. Also, the plant needs proper pruning. And from October to February, the flower should rest in a dark and cool (10-12 degrees) place. And when the day begins to arrive perceptibly, the rose should be taken out in time to the light and warmth. And even in this case, success is not guaranteed. The sensitivity of this plant is simply enormous.


This Asian relative of the rhododendron blooms incredibly beautifully, but contains a rather dangerous poison. For this reason, it will have to be cared for with gloves only and it should be clearly observed that children and pets should avoid it. After purchase, the plant can please one season of flowering, but there is a good chance that after that it will die - the conditions of the apartment are suitable for it very badly. In the winter period, the plant needs a noticeable coolness (10-12 degrees during the day and 6-8 at night, plus very high humidity). Therefore, a room with typical heating is likely to be a death trap for it. Azalea is considered a test of the highest level of skill in growing flowers on the windowsill.

Earlier OBOZREVATEL told how to make bloom much less capricious spathiphyllum.

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