Artificial intelligence helped scientists discover strange signs in the desert: one is associated with aliens

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Nazca Desert and Artificial Intelligence

Scientists have not been able to solve the mystery of the Nazca Desert drawings for many years. It is believed that the geoglyphs were created by members of the Nazca culture in 200 BC and 700 AD. Hundreds of figures - from simple lines, to traced images of fish, lizards, monkeys and spiders, were most likely created using primitive tools and marking methods. Of course, this is only a theory, but at the end of some lines really found wooden sticks and pottery.

Geoglyphs were preserved in almost primordial form thanks to an arid, windless and stable climate. The purpose of creation of drawings is also unknown. Versions are many: from religious (worship to gods) or astronomical (occurrence point of the Sun and stars above horizon) to cosmic (geoglives have drawn by aliens). Recently, interesting details have emerged in the research of the Nasca desert, as told by the Express.

A new study by Yamagata Nasca University and IBM Japan details a model for using artificial intelligence to study geoglyphs in depth. This led to the discovery of four geoglyphs: a strange "humanoid," a pair of legs, a fish and a bird.

Earlier aerial surveys of huge territory were "scanned" by an unaided eye that demanded a considerable amount of time. Naturally, such a survey posed efficiency and scaling problems.

The technology of deep analysis allowed to speed up identification of geoglyphs approximately by 20 times.


After a successful feasibility study, scientists began a collaboration with IBM research center TJ Watson to conduct a large-scale study of the distribution of geoglyphs based on artificial intelligence in the Nazca territory.

Anthropologists, ethnologists and archaeologists are more inclined toward the religious hypothesis of geoglyphs: the Nazca people may have created drawings to be seen by deities in the sky. Some of the Nazca lines form figures that are best observed from the air, at a distance of about 500 meters. The image can also be seen from the surrounding foothills and other high places.

But Erich von Denicke insists that the lines were built at the behest of extraterrestrial beings as airfields for their spaceships. The joint study is published in the international academic journal Archaeological Science.

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