"An alternative for ordinary people": Russians embarrassed themselves by showing illegally recorded Barbie movie

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Russians have figured out how to show ''Barbie'' on the big screen

Citizens of the terrorist country of Russia epically embarrassed themselves in Tyumen, where they organized a screening of a pirated version of Barbie movie downloaded from the Internet. The organizers of the movie night found and used the tape, which someone illegally filmed in one of the world's cinemas.

Russian dubbing actors translated the tape, the site posted an advertisement for sports betting and the citizens of Tyumen paid money to watch this disaster. The organizer of the shameful event called this way of watching movies without a license "a normal alternative for ordinary people" (to see the photo, scroll to the end of the page).

Open-air screenings of the movie took place on August 8 and 9. Viewers were warned that fans of 4k quality and good sound should wait for the digital release in November. Everyone else was invited to watch the screen recording and "trust the organizers".

''An alternative for ordinary people'': Russians embarrassed themselves by showing illegally recorded Barbie movie

The opportunity to feel Hollywood cinematography was sold for 300 to a thousand rubles. The Russians did not pay a penny for the permit, but they would not have been allowed to broadcast the movie in the Russian Federation because of sanctions.

One of the organizers of the evening Vladimir said that he understands the reaction of people who say that his actions are illegal and unfair to the rights holders. But since Vladimir has no conscience, this understanding did not ruin his intention to make money.

''An alternative for ordinary people'': Russians embarrassed themselves by showing illegally recorded Barbie movie

"This is quite a normal alternative in the conditions of missing big pictures at the box office for ordinary people who want to spend an evening," he said. The Russian added that his version contains advertisements for casinos and sports betting, but they will try to remove the watermarks before the next screening.

By the way, Russians have been discussing the possibility of showing Barbie and Oppenheimer in their cinemas for a month even though it is illegal. Posters with the films appeared in one of the cities, while the media leaked information that Armenia will supply Russia with the original, which they will translate and run in cinemas.

Earlier OBOZREVATEL wrote that viewers found an important reference to the historical enemies of Mattel in Barbie. Bratz dolls, who once created competition for the Mattel company, unexpectedly appeared in the movie.

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