American lost 40 kg and revealed the secret of success

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Michael Skelfo shows his impressive transformation

The famous Boston chef Michael Scelfo not only serves delicious food to the city's residents and visitors, but also likes to eat well himself. Over time, this resulted in him being significantly overweight, which turned into high blood pressure, depressed mood and other health problems. So he decided to start losing weight and managed to lose 40 kilograms in 4 months.

He shared the secret of his success with Eat This, Not That, an online publication specialising in healthy eating and lifestyle. In short, Skelfo owes his impressive weight loss to following a well-ordered diet and physical activity. But he told us about important nuances that helped him even exceed his initial plans - at the start, the man was going to lose 20 extra kilos in six months.

First of all, the chef restricted his food intake, setting a limit of 1,500 calories per day. He also revised his diet, giving preference to protein foods, vegetables and a moderate amount of fruit. At the same time, Skelfo cut out sugar, reduced his intake of carbohydrates, vegetable oils and fats, and minimised dairy products. But now that the excess weight is gone, he still allows himself a little something tasty on weekends. At the same time, the man regularly reviews his calorie intake. He does this with his doctor, who helps him monitor his health.

In terms of physical activity, Skelfo began to add some fairly simple exercises to his diet, such as walking and planks - "nothing too crazy," as the chef described his workouts. Later, his exercise routine gradually expanded. Now that his weight has dropped from more than 125kg to 85kg, he is also working to tighten his body and pump up his muscles.

Skelfo advises people who want to lose weight to focus on their goal and believe in themselves.

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