Amazing Prague: 6 locations of the Czech capital that will fascinate you

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What to see in Prague

Prague is one of the most fascinating historic cities in Europe. The capital of the Czech Republic is famous for its majestic sights, fascinating culture and fabulous atmosphere. Millions of tourists visit it every year and there are 6 reasons for that.

Prague Castle

Did you know that Prague Castle is the largest castle in the world and one of the most important cultural and historical complexes in the Czech Republic? The fact is that its total area is more than seven hectares! Its history begins in the IX century, when a wooden fortress was built on the site of modern stone fortifications. The structure had been rebuilt several times and expanded over the years. Thus it acquired its present form.

One of the most important elements of Prague Castle is the Cathedral of St. Vitus. Its construction began only in XIV century and lasted more than 500 years. The cathedral is an extraordinary combination of Gothic, Baroque and Neo-Gothic and is considered an incredibly important sacral structure in Bohemia. Inside it you can see magnificent stained glass windows, reliefs, tombs and other masterpieces. The place best reflects the cultural changes in Europe over the centuries.

Now it is the residence of the Czech president. Tourists are advised to come at noon to catch the changing of the guard at the Matthias Gate. If you miss it, the beautiful views of the city are available to you regardless of the time you choose to visit.


Charles Bridge

Another jewel of Prague, connecting the banks of the Vltava River. Its construction began in the 14th century by order of King Charles IV, who gave the bridge its name. The structure served as the main city crossing and was an important commercial artery of medieval Bohemia. Nowadays there are crowds of tourists.

It overlooks many sights. Above all, it is 30 statues and sculptures that adorn the bridge. The most famous of them is the statue of St. John of Nepomuk, which, according to legend, must be touched in order to keep the cherished secret.

A walk across the Charles Bridge is a fascinating journey through time, where you can hear the stories that make architecture come alive.


Old Town Hall with Astronomical Clock

One of the most outstanding historical buildings in Prague. A special element of the Old Town Hall is its astronomical clock, which was installed in the 15th century. It is considered a unique masterpiece of technical craftsmanship and symbolizes the combination of scientific, religious and cultural aspects. Here we can see several components: the dial, the image of the apostles, the zodiacal circle, the sun and the moon, as well as moving figures that come to life every hour. Among them: Death and the Apostles, passing before the eyes of thousands of tourists. This marvel of technology and art makes the town hall one of the most popular places in the capital.

There are other interesting displays as well, such as the exhibition of original underground rooms, where you can see the remains of ancient structures and artifacts that testify to the rich history of the city.


Petøín Hill

Another popular location among tourists. This park with a large area is situated on a high hill. The viewpoints offer spectacular panoramas of Prague Castle, the city center and the bridges over the Vltava River. There is a building reminiscent of the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Near it all the time someone takes pictures.

Petøín Hill is a place to enjoy nature and tranquility in the center of the capital. There are also urban recreation areas where you can lie on the grass or have a picnic.

On the hill you will find several institutions to visit. For example, the Museum of Costumes and Fashion offers you a glimpse of antique costumes from different eras. There is also the Museum of Books, where you can see rare and valuable editions.


Dancing House

The Dancing House in Prague, also known as Dancing Park or Fred and Jean, is one of the most outstanding buildings in the city. Its unusual architecture and graceful lines set it apart from other houses. So what makes it special?

It's a great example of postmodernism with its curvilinear forms and sculptural elements. It was designed by American Frank Gary and Czech Vlad Milunic in 1996. Most of the building is shaped like two partners dancing together. Hence the name.

Most tourists are limited to photos in front of the structure, and for good reason. Inside, there is a restaurant and bar where you can enjoy Czech cuisine with a beautiful view of the river and the city. In addition, the building houses office space and the Fred and Jean contemporary art gallery.


Monument to Franz Kafka

This striking monument was erected in 2003 and has become an important part of Prague's cultural heritage. It depicts the head and upper body of Franz Kafka growing out of the ground.

This monumental sculptural masterpiece is striking in its expressive symbolism. Kafka's head consists of 42 movable elements that move and transform smoothly, creating the effect of a permanent change of face. This metaphor reflects the complexity and versatility of the writer's creative world.

The monument to Franz Kafka has become a symbol not only for Prague, but for the whole world. It embodies the themes of loneliness, loss and psychological penetration that are characteristic of the writer's work. Many people from all over the world visit it to get some inspiration for their own works.


Of course, this is far from a complete list of attractions in Prague, which attract millions of tourists from all over the world. But using this list, you will definitely not leave the capital of the Czech Republic without lots of great photos and impressions. And we wish you the same.

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