Already knocking on the door: 7 trends that will be in fashion in spring 2023. Photo.

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Bright prints will be in fashion in spring 2023

Monochrome clothes in basic colours are always stylish, but sometimes you want to dilute the look with bright shades and prints. In 2023, fashionistas will have the opportunity to experiment with patterns on their outfits and look fashionable.

The editors of the Polish glossy Kobieta told us about 7 prints that will be in fashion this spring. OBOZREVATEL decided to show what to combine them with (scroll to the end of the page to see the photos).


With the onset of spring, you will be able to buy any wardrobe item with a bright colour. A smooth transition from one shade to another will look stylish. It is interesting that there can be many colours on clothes.



Once again, with the end of winter, floral prints are making a splash in fashion, adding romance and lightness to the look.


Coloured stripes

Glossy editors advised beauties who are not afraid of bold looks to take a closer look at colourful striped clothes. It's important to remember that vertical stripes slim you down, while horizontal stripes add volume. These secrets can be used to adjust the proportions of the figure.



Fashion is always a reflection of events in the world. Therefore, it is not surprising that after the difficult year of 2022 for Ukraine and the entire civilised society, which brought the war, designers began to use camouflage more often in their work.


Optical art

In 2023, bold psychedelic prints will make a splash in fashion. Blouses and dresses with small geometric patterns will be a hit.



This is an ornamental composition consisting of teardrop-shaped elements. Such patterns came to us from the East, where each beauty has a bright element with a similar print.



Speaking of plaid outfits, it should be noted that in 2023, a bright checkered print will be in fashion. Black and white squares are best left for cloudy days.


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