Allowing 65-year-olds to be drafted in Russia shows Putin's huge mobilisation problems - CSC

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Russian army to recruit Madonna's age

Raising the conscription age to 65 in Russia is evidence of the aggressor country's huge mobilisation problems. In fact, along with nuclear blackmail, it is one of the options for Russian President Vladimir Putin to continue the war against Ukraine.

This was stated by the Centre for Strategic Communications (CSC). "For the "victory" in Ukraine, Russia has the last reserve left - the "grandfathers who fought", the statement said.

The CSC reminded that on 14 July, the State Duma of the Russian Federation raised the age limit for senior officers to serve in the mobilisation reserve to 65 years.

"The story of more than a year ago that only cooks go into battle has not been proven true. And the reason for this is the success of the Ukrainian Defence Forces. In fact, Putin is left with only two options to continue the war: nuclear weapons (in the media performance of Medvedev) and raising the conscription age (in the performance of the State Duma, governors and military commissariats)," the CSC noted.

The agency emphasised that the increase in the conscription age indicates "huge mobilisation problems in the Russian Federation".

"So huge that Putin is already ready to throw cannon fodder from the 'deep freeze' into the battle. To understand Putin's problem, he may call up, for example, people of Madonna's age to fight the war with Ukraine. It seems that the remnants of the 'grandfathers' who fought will go into battle next," the CSC said.

As reported by OBOZREVATEL:

- The Ministry of Defence of Ukraine explained how mobilised people in Russia are forced to sign a contract. Commanders resort to blackmail and threats, promising to keep them on the front line without rotation.

- The Russian command is sending prisoners to the front en masse as cannon fodder, one of the occupiers said in an intercepted conversation. The wounded and the "two hundredth" are left on the battlefield.

- According to the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, about 620 occupants were eliminated in Ukraine on 16 July. On the 509th day of the war, the Russian army's losses exceeded 238,300 people.

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