All to the front? Russia raises age limit for military reservists

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Putin raises age limit for military in reserve

The leadership of the terrorist state of Russia continues to come up with ways to drive even more cannon fodder into the war against Ukraine. In particular, dictator Vladimir Putin has signed a law that raises the age of retirement by five years.

This refers to Russians who have military ranks lower than officer. This is evidenced by Federal Law No. 326-FZ of 24.07.2023.

According to the new amendments, the age limit for Russians liable for military service in the first category is raised from 35 to 40 years, in the second category - from 45 to 50 years, in the third category - from 50 to 55 years.

The age limit for Russians holding the military ranks of senior officers is now 70 years, senior officers - 65 years, and junior officers - 60 years.

It is also reported that a transitional period will be in effect until 2028, during which reserve conscripts will be retired in stages: those who turn 50 in 2024 will remain in the reserve until they are 51, and in 2025 - until they are 52.

Moreover, the law stipulates that Russians in regular service or in the reserve can enter into a contract "to participate in operations outside the country".

All to the front? Russia raises age limit for military reservists

As a reminder, the aggressor country of Russia has begun to actively prepare children for the war against Ukraine: military centres for teenagers are being opened in many regions, and children's military-patriotic camps are also operating. Despite the fact that the Rome Statute prohibits the recruitment of children under 15 into national armed forces, minors are taught to use weapons and learn knife fighting.

Earlier it was reported that the terrorist state of Russia decided to teach children to fly unmanned aerial vehicles. The State Duma of the Russian Federation said that the lessons would include reconnaissance of the area and ways to counter enemy UAVs.

As OBOZREVATEL previously reported, on 23 July, the Ukrainian Defence Forces killed 660 soldiers and mercenaries of the Russian occupation army at the front. It was also deprived of another 68 units of various equipment and weapons. Since the beginning of the invasion of Putin's troops exactly 17 months ago, Ukrainian soldiers have already eliminated about 242,620 enemy soldiers.


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