All problems will be solved: Tarot horoscope by the end of the week


Toward the end of this week, noticeable planetary shifts began in the firmament, heralding changes and surprises for all zodiac signs. Of course, it is better to meet such times prepared, knowing where this winding path may lead.

Therefore, a Tarot horoscope has been compiled that will tell you the direction of travel for each sign. Find out exactly what awaits you. And what the main card of the week predicts for everyone.

The card of the week: the Nine of Wands.

This card portends success, overcoming challenges, and fulfillment of desires. Face the difficulties and you will be able to overcome them. Don't hesitate. The earlier, the better.

Aries the Hanged Man.

It's time to stop struggling and let the situation go. Acknowledge failure, defeat, or criticism. And don't take it personally. The Hanged Man encourages you to look at the situation from a whole new angle or through someone else's eyes, and then you will see the way forward.

Taurus - Wheel of Fortune.

You are surrounded by the energy of new opportunities. Don't sit still, don't cling desperately to the old, and don't ignore the chances that are floating in your hands. Adapt and change. Absolutely anything is possible for you now.

Gemini - Queen of Wands.

You're eager to expand your worldview both mentally and physically, and now is the perfect time to do so. Travel, explore, and show leadership qualities. Make plans, make changes in your life on your own. Be open to anything.

Cancer - Magician.

Recognize your hidden potential, your talent. You are a unique person capable of creating meaningful things, so do not sit idly by. In all likelihood, you'll need additional education to realize what you've conceived. Look for where and how to get it.

Leo - Queen of Cups.

It's time for you to have fun, take care of yourself, and relax properly. Both your body and your mind need rest. You can't pour anything from an empty pitcher, so give yourself a chance to fill it up. Do things that make you happy and inspired. For example, plan some adventures for the summer that you'll look forward to.

Virgo - Double of Wands.

You're very busy right now and success is already looming on the horizon. Don't stop; keep moving forward. Analyze what's working for you and redouble your efforts. And anything that is holding you back, discard without regret.

Libra - Six of Swords.

You have outgrown the world you live in. This is natural and normal, and you should act in accordance with this feeling. Everything comes to an end sooner or later. Learn to recognize the signs when it's time to turn the page. Right now you are at a fork in the road. Don't delay, take the next step.

Scorpio - Star.

You are naturally inclined to look more on the darker side of life, but The Star sheds light on that as well. You may discover or understand something important. Start by taking decisive steps in the direction of your dreams - the Universe will notice that you are on that path.

Sagittarius - Empress.

Make relationships your priority. If you have love, passion, pregnancy, family expansion, or creativity in mind, Empress bodes well for you. If not, it encourages you to think about the above. Be calm and peaceful and seek harmony with the natural world. Enjoy the best things in life: love, family, and home.

Capricorn - Three of Swords.

The mistrust you are experiencing right now is not unreasonable. Someone in your environment is not very friendly to you. And you know who. Limit your communication with that person as much as possible. If someone decides to show you their real face, trust them. Protect yourself. The truth will bring you relief.

Aquarius - Seven of Cups.

Creativity and entertainment are what will bring you joy and success. Dream, meditate, listen to your favorite music, and do something new and interesting. All this will bring you a lot of new ideas. What comes to you now, you will use for a long time to reap good rewards.

Pisces - Two of Swords.

You have a tool in your hands that can cut a heavy knot in your life. So get to the bottom of a long-standing issue, think it over well, discuss it with knowledgeable people, and then make a conclusion and act right away. You have no choice, it's time to get out of the impasse. The problem won't resolve itself.

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