Aliens in the centre of the Milky Way galaxy may be sending signals to Earth: scientists start research

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Signals can be similar to pulses emitted by pulsars

Scientists intend to investigate radio pulses coming from the centre of our galaxy, suggesting that they may be signals from an advanced civilisation. We are talking about narrow-frequency pulses that are usually emitted by pulsars, but similar pulses are also used by humans in radar.

The new study, led by Cornell University graduate student Akshay Suresh, is described in an article for The Astronomical Journal. The scientists have already developed their own software to study the signals.

Scientists suggest that such radio pulses can be a very effective means of communication even over very long distances, as they stand out clearly against the background of radio noise in space. Therefore, Suresh believes that these radio pulses are an attractive object to listen to when searching for alien civilisations.

The researchers have developed special software capable of detecting repetitive pulses and have already tested it on known pulsars. Tests have shown that the technology works well even though the frequency bands in which the signals are broadcast are very small, making up only a tenth of the frequency width used in conventional FM radio stations.

The scientists then combined the new method with data from the Green Bank Telescope in West Virginia (USA).

According to study co-author Vishal Gajar of the SETI Institute, which searches for alien life, scientists had previously focused on finding continuous signals, but now it is becoming clear that signals similar to radio pulses from pulsars may be more effective as a means of interstellar communication over vast distances.

The scientists focused their research efforts on listening to the centre of the Milky Way, as it is believed to be full of stars around which potentially habitable exoplanets may exist.

In addition, the centre of the galaxy is the optimal location from which signals can be sent simultaneously to all ends of the Milky Way, covering the widest possible range of planets.

Scientists are also convinced that the aliens will use narrow-frequency bands for their signal, and the signal will consist of repeating patterns, because if we hear something like this, we will know for sure that it is not a natural phenomenon.

The method developed by the scientists makes it possible to analyse 1.5 million telescope data samples in just 30 minutes. Unfortunately, the first large-scale study conducted by scientists did not reveal any signs of alien life. However, they still have a lot of work ahead of them, which may eventually result in a sensational success.

Earlier, OBOZREVATEL also reported that one of the studies showed that there are hundreds of millions of worlds in the Milky Way where life can exist.

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