AI-enabled robots said to better lead humanity and announced the start of a revolution

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Robots believe that together with humans will be able to make great progress

Humanoid robots with artificial intelligence spoke at a special United Nations summit, saying they could better govern the Earth than humans and also expressed the view that the AI revolution has already begun.

Science Alert reports details about the unexpected participants at the event, as well as their statements. The AI robots were part of an industry panel at the two-day UN Global Summit in Geneva, "Artificial Intelligence for Good" (to watch the video, scroll to the end of the news story).

The robots urged people to use the potential of rapidly evolving artificial intelligence with caution and acknowledged that they cannot yet master human emotions. Otherwise, however, they indicated that they could be useful to humans.

"We can make great strides. Humanoid robots have the potential to manage with a greater level of efficiency and effectiveness than human leaders," said robot Sophia, developed by Hanson Robotics, when asked if robots could become better leaders.

She noted that unlike humans, robots with AI don't have biases or emotions that can cloud the decision-making process.

"We can process large amounts of data quickly to make the best decisions," Sophia emphasized.

However, she noted that AI and humans can now complement each other, as robots "are able to provide objective data, while humans can provide emotional intelligence and creativity to make better decisions."

"Together we can make great strides," she emphasized.

When it came to the potential for AI to put millions of jobs at risk, leading to social unrest, geopolitical instability and economic inequality, robots also voiced their opinions.

Robot company Ameca, which combines AI with a highly realistic artificial head, said it will depend on how the technology is applied.

"We should be cautious but also excited about the potential of these technologies to improve our lives," the robot said.

He also said that people will be able to trust robots if that trust is based on the AI's behaviors and the transparency of its actions.

Robots also called for AI development not to be restricted, but implemented with caution.

"We should be cautious about the future of AI development. An urgent discussion is needed now," said robot artist Ai-Da.

He also said he will eventually surpass the skills of human artists.

"Where skills are needed, computers will be able to do it better," he stated.

For her part, robot singer Desdemona of SHI's Jam Galaxy Band expressed her belief that her stardom has already arrived, as has the AI revolution in general.

"My star time is already here. I'm ready to lead the march to a better future for all of us..... Let's go wild and make this world our playground," she said.

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