Age you 10 years! 4 makeup mistakes that should not be made after 40. Photo.

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After 40, you shouldn't make 4 make-up mistakes

Make-up has no "shelf life", but it is impossible to ignore that it must change with age. The make-up techniques and cosmetics that emphasised youthful beauty can spoil the appearance of women who are already over 40, "adding" another 10 years to their appearance.

In order to avoid making mistakes, you need to know what manipulations will accentuate age-related changes on the face. OBOZREVATEL decided to tell you about 4 taboos in the makeup of mature beauties (to see the photos, scroll to the bottom of the page).

Artificial or false eyelashes

Over the years, the eyelids slowly drop, which in itself betrays a respectable age. Under the pressure of artificial or false eyelashes, your eyes will look smaller and your gaze will look tired. It is better to avoid thick and long, but artificial, eyelashes and learn how to emphasise your own beautifully.


Dark lipstick

It's no secret that dark lipstick shades visually make lips look thinner. Luscious lips are a sign of youth, so ladies over 40 should master make-up that will make their lips look plumper. You can replace dark cherry and burgundy colours with bright, berry shades or regular glosses.


Glitter and metallic shadows

Bright experiments look most appropriate on girls who don't need to hide flaws. It will be difficult for women over 40 to repeat the trendy metallic makeup or decorate their eyes with glitter, because it will stick to their skin worse and accentuate wrinkles.


Red eyeshadow

No matter how fashionable red eye makeup is, you should clearly understand that red will emphasise all the veins, redness and irregularities on the skin. In addition, improper application of such a bright shade can visually make your eyes look irritated and tired, which will only add years to your appearance.


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