Kia's new addordable, big and practical SUV revealed online

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Kia Tasman
Korean pickup truck will go into production in 2025. Source: SRK Designs

The new Kia Tasman is a frame SUV in a pickup truck body that is getting ready to premiere. The large practical vehicle will turn out to be affordable. The network showed how the car may look like for the most thrifty buyers.

The Kia Tasman pickup truck will be built on a frame platform. The car is already undergoing road tests, Drive reports. The new car is also known under the factory index Kia TK, but the final name is kept secret for now.

The premiere of the Kia frame pickup will take place in 2024, and the novelty will go into production in 2025. There are photos of a camouflaged running prototype online, so there is no information about the design. Above is a rendering of SRK Designs, which is based on the Kia Telluride. However, the pickup truck will look different.

Kia Tasman

At the moment, it is known that the new Korean pickup will come to the market in several modifications: with gasoline and diesel engines, and possibly with an electric powertrain, depending on the specific sales region.

In addition to the TK, the company is also preparing an all-electric pickup of smaller dimensions on a different platform. The more expensive car will appear by 2027.

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