Add volume and make the look sophisticated: 5 of the best hairstyles for thin hair. Photo.

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The right haircut will help add volume

A successful haircut can correct hair imperfections and add volume to lost hair. Even thin and sparse strands can be tidied up if you choose the right hairstyle and trust the master.

Owners of short, medium and long hair can fix a bad hair situation. OBOZREVATEL decided to tell you about the 5 most successful haircuts (to see photos, scroll to the bottom of the page).


It's no secret that short hair is much easier to style and add volume to. The pixie is suitable for girls with sharp facial features who are not afraid of bold decisions.



The complex and spectacular Sassoon hairstyle will help to give your hair not only volume, but also visually make it thicker. Posters with this hairstyle are still hanging on the walls of many salons because it looks more professional than its simpler counterparts. However, it should be remembered that the sesson requires styling with a hairdryer and a brush.



It often happens that the overall appearance of the hair deteriorates due to split ends. Hair loss and brittleness visually make the strands look sparse and unkempt, so a bob will perfectly solve this problem.



To add volume to your hair and make it visually thicker, you can add layers to your hair. A cascade haircut will correct this situation and help to trim brittle ends.



To create extra volume without shortening the length, you can match your bangs to your face shape. Elongated, straight or side-swept bangs are good options to give your hair a refreshed look.


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