A unique solar eclipse will take place in the fall: when you can see it

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Ring-shaped darkening of the ''ring of fire''. Illustrative image

We will witness a unique astronomical phenomenon in the fall. An incredible solar eclipse will take place in the sky.

Ring-shaped eclipse "ring of fire" will pass along a path of about 200 kilometers, which extends from the northwestern United States through Central America to Brazil. The details were revealed by Space.

When the eclipse can be observed

The annular solar eclipse is only a month away. It will take place on Saturday, October 14, 2023.

The Moon does not completely cover the Sun, it leaves a thin outer line visible, which is often called the "ring of fire".

The Moon's orbit around Earth is a flattened circle or ellipse. Sometimes the satellite is closer to Earth or at perigee, and sometimes it is farther away or at apogee. Blackouts occur during the new moon phase. During total solar eclipses, the Moon is close to Earth, and the completely dark lunar disk is large enough to cover the entire Sun.

Ring-shaped obscurations occur when the Moon is at apogee. The satellite is farther away during this period, so visually it appears slightly smaller in the sky. This means that the lunar disk does not completely cover the Sun and does not result in a total eclipse.

A unique solar eclipse will take place in the fall: when you can see it

Will it be possible to see the eclipse in Ukraine

Residents of the USA, some Central American countries, Colombia and Brazil will be able to observe the blackout. If weather conditions are appropriate, some regions outside the path of the "ring of fire" will also be able to see a partial solar eclipse, including Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama.

During the annular eclipse on October 14, the Moon will cover 91% of the Sun, and the "ring of fire" will be visible on a strip of 190-220 kilometers.

Ukrainians will be able to see the astronomical phenomenon only online. NASA will hold a live broadcast, which will begin on October 14 at 15:30 GMT (18:30 Kyiv time).

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