A Ukrainian woman caused a commotion at Warsaw Airport: 250 passengers were evacuated and three flights were delayed

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Warsaw airport evacuates 250 passengers and delays flights because of Ukrainian woman

Last weekend, there was a real commotion at Warsaw-Modlin Airport in Poland: 250 people had to be evacuated, three flights had to be delayed, and special response teams and pyrotechnics had to be called in. And all because of a forgetful Ukrainian woman who left her luggage in the middle of the terminal and disappeared for a long time.

The forgotten bag and suitcase of the 25-year-old Ukrainian citizen seriously frightened airport employees, who were trying to establish who the items belonged to for a long time. As a result, they agreed that there might be an explosive object inside, so they called in experts, the press service of the Polish Border Guard Service reports.

"The inability to identify the owner of the pink bag and the black suitcase led to the evacuation of 250 people in the terminal area and the allocation of a security zone for the common hall and the port parking lot with access roads," the statement said.

In addition, flights to Antalya, Paphos, and Dublin had to be postponed.

Meanwhile, experts used specialized pyrotechnic equipment to determine that the forgotten luggage was not dangerous.

By the end of the check, the "heroine of the occasion" arrived at the airport. The Ukrainian woman said that she was the owner of the bag and suitcase that caused such a stir.

The woman was not left unpunished - she was fined 500 zlotys (4,200 hryvnias) in accordance with Article 270(1)(7) of the Aviation Act.

Earlier, OBOZREVATEL wrote that Ukrainians - as well as other people living in Europe - may face flight cancelations and disruptions in public transportation in several countries of the continent. The reason is the planned strikes of carrier workers. In this regard, you should plan your travels in advance and choose trusted carriers. Details are in our article.

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