A trick employers can use to test you out before the interview even started

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Employers resort to clever tricks to know about potential employees. They may not only ask tricky questions or give difficult tasks during the interview but also start checking the candidate before he or she even enters the interviewer's office.

It is always necessary to follow the rules of etiquette and be polite to others to avoid unpleasant situations. A Reddit Life Pro Tips forum posted a story about how one company tries to screen out unfriendly candidates right from the doorstep.

A hiring manager disguised himself as a porter to test the morals of a person coming in to apply for a job.

The manager said hello to the candidate and tried to strike up a conversation, but he didn't even make eye contact or show any interest in the porter.

A few minutes after that, the manager called the candidate back and told him that he didn't pass the interview because he was disparaging an employee of the company, as every person is valuable and worthy of respect.

Such a trick will help employers not to waste their time on people who do not follow the rules of etiquette and do not know how to behave politely. Therefore, always show respect to people of any profession.

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