A smart riddle not all adults can solve

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Glass riddle

Puzzles are not only interesting but also useful leisure activities. Mental exercises stimulate the brain as you often have to use analytical thinking and mathematical skills.

An interesting riddle is gaining popularity online. Not all adults can solve it. What can pass through the glass without breaking it? Users offer many options but only a few can find the right answer quickly.

The art of creating and solving riddles has been inherent in all cultures for thousands of years. Riddles have been used as a form of entertainment, as educational tools to stimulate critical thinking or even as a test of wit and intelligence. They require people to think outside the box, consider many points of view and find creative solutions.

Solving a riddle involves analyzing the information provided, looking for hidden clues or patterns and making logical connections. Tasks require both lateral thinking, which involves approaching a problem from multiple perspectives, and deductive reasoning, which involves drawing conclusions based on available information.

Puzzles can cover a wide range of topics including nature, animals, objects, logic, etc. They often rely on wordplay, double meanings and linguistic tricks.

Solving riddles is not only entertaining but also improves cognitive skills and mental agility.

So, what can pass through glass without breaking it?

The correct answer is light.

Light is an electromagnetic wave. When light collides with glass, it refracts, i.e. changes direction. However, the wave-like nature of light allows it to pass through glass without causing physical damage.

By the way, MIT professor Shane Frederick has developed the shortest IQ test that will show whether you are smarter than 80% of people on Earth. You need to answer three questions.

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