A price of $7500 and a range of 200 kilometers: what a new electric car from China looks like

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Changan Lumin
Changan Lumin decided to make it cute on the outside. Source: CarNewsChina

The new Changan Lumin 2023 model year has been shown in photos. The cheap electric car from China looks cute as the designers chose a friendly style. At the same time, the characteristics of this car are decent.

The novelty is reported by CarNewsChina. The budget electric car is a small city car. The interior is designed for four people. Buyers should like the design with round headlights and smooth shapes.

The body length is 3270 mm (wheelbase is 1980 mm), the width is 1700 mm and the height is 1545 mm. In comparison, the Smart fortwo is 2700 mm long. Lumin is still a bit larger.

Changan Lumin

The electric car is equipped with accelerated charging up to 3.3 kW. This means that you can charge the battery from 30% to 80% in just 35 minutes.

The only electric motor produces 48 hp. It seems that this is not much. However, the indicator is decent in such a segment. The maximum speed is 101 km/h.

The range is 205 kilometers. Not a bad figure for such an electric car. If, of course, the range corresponds to reality. After all, Chinese manufacturers like to overstate the indicators. The price starts from 7500 dollars.

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