A Mi-8 helicopter and a Su-34 fighter jet crashed in Russia in a row; saboteurs are already being sought. Photo and video

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On May 13, a Mi-8 military helicopter crashed onto a private house in the town of Klintsy, Bryansk Oblast, Russia. Eyewitnesses claimed that they had allegedly seen a missile before it hit the helicopter.

Moreover, it later became known that a Su-34 fighter jet also made a "hard landing." Russian Telegram channels wrote about it (to see the video, scroll to the end of the page).

Russians complained that the remains of the occupiers' military helicopter fell directly on private homes. So far, no information about casualties or civilian casualties has been reported in the Russian Federation. At the same time, propagandists write that both pilots of the Mi-8 were killed at the scene.

Some time later there was information that two helicopters fell down. We are talking about one that "landed" in the town of Klintsy. Another Russian occupant helicopter allegedly crashed near the village of Suretskyy Muravy. However, the second "helicopter" was in fact a Su-34 fighter jet.

A propaganda Telegram channel close to the Russian Defense Ministry wrote that two Mi-8 helicopters and one Su-34 fighter-bomber crashed in the Bryansk region. Other propagandists claimed that it was one helicopter and one fighter jet.

Residents of the Russian terrorist country began to come up with theories as to why the helicopter might have gone down. Some have already said that the Russian occupants shot down their own helicopter with air defense equipment.

By the way, Russian propagandists published photos from the helicopter crash site, which show that we are indeed talking about different places. One picture shows smoke rising in a densely populated area, showing high-rise buildings and a church. The other location of the explosion is in the private sector.

While the Russians are figuring out why planes and helicopters started falling on their heads, it became known that the pilot and navigator of the Su-34 fighter plane failed to eject and died at the scene. Their remains have already been found and the crash site has been cordoned off.


At the same time, authorities in the city of Klintsy stated that there was allegedly no damage on the ground from the helicopter that had fallen in the Bryansk region. However, the local publicity blogs claim the opposite. Photos of the helicopter's wreckage on private houses appeared on the Internet. Moreover, characteristic holes are visible on the wreckage of the helicopter. It also became known that the blades of the helicopter that fell in Klintsy injured a woman.


Unwilling to admit that the cause of the downing of the two helicopters and the fighter jet was "friendly fire," the occupiers issued the statement that the aircraft had allegedly been shot down by saboteurs. An interception plan was put in place in the Klintsy district of the Bryansk region to look for saboteurs who might have been involved in the attack on the Mi-8 and Su-34.







We recall that on May 12, a Russian Mi-28 military helicopter crashed in Crimea. It crashed near the village of Svetloye, Dzhankoy district.

Earlier it became known that there was an explosion in the temporarily occupied Mospino in Donbas . Eyewitnesses reported loud sounds of explosions, ammunition detonation and damage to Russian helicopters in the parking lot.

It was also reported that a MiG-31 fighter jet crashed in Russia's Murmansk Region in late April. Russian propagandists assured that the pilots were not injured, having ejected, they got caught in branches. They were allegedly already found on the territory of the Beryozka gardening cooperative.

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