A child among the dead: new photos from the crash site of missile debris in Kyiv appeared

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Falling debris from downed Russian missiles caused destruction in Kyiv

The capital of Ukraine experienced another air attack on the night of June 1 by the aggressor country Russia, which attacked the city with ballistic missiles and cruise missiles. These enemy targets were shot down, but a child was killed as a result of the Russian terrorist act.

A total of three people were victims of the attack and ten others were injured. A photo of the aftermath of this terrorist state crime was published by the Kyiv city military administration (to see it, make the news to the end).

This night, the air alert on the territory of Kyiv and the Kyiv region lasted for 1 hour and 14 minutes. Preliminarily, the Russian war criminals directed missiles towards the region not from aircraft, but from ground-based operational-tactical missile complexes.


These were cruise missiles and ballistic missiles, which the defenders of the Ukrainian sky shot down. At the same time, as of this morning we know about destruction due to falling debris in the Dniprovsky and Desnyansky districts of the capital.


As of 07:00 Thursday, it is officially known that three people were killed in Desnianskyi district, including a child born in 2012. Ten more people were injured(two in Dniprovskyi district), including one child.



In Desnyanskiy district, the residential sector was damaged: windows and doors in the house were broken and the balcony was ripped off by the blast wave. In the non-residential sector, debris fell on the children's clinic, damaged two schools (windows and doors were broken) and the police station. Also, because of the falling debris on the kindergarten, the blast wave blew out the windows.



Among the damage in the Dniprovsky district: in one of the houses of the residential sector as a result of falling burning debris there was heavy smoke, the blast wave knocked out the windows.


In a non-residential building, debris fell on an administrative building, parked cars were damaged, and several vehicles were burned. Debris also fell in the yards of houses, on the roadway, and in green areas.



In the Darnitskiy district, there is no information about casualties. There, in one of the residential buildings, the blast wave knocked out the windows due to falling debris.


A hot water pipeline was damaged. Due to debris falling on a non-residential building, the destruction of the first floor was recorded. Also debris fell in the yards of houses, on the roadway.


As OBOZREVATEL reported, on May 30, a 33-year-old woman was killed in Kyiv as a result of a nighttime drone attack by the Russian Federation. Nine more people were injured.

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